LAN 2 LAN VPN options

I am building a back up link between 2 data centers. my plan is to get an internet T1 for each datacenter. This will allow for database traffic to replicate between the 2 datacenters and be a source of communication if the private link fails. My thought was to use LAN 2 LAN VPN with IKE, IPSEC, and L2TP. I am hoping folks that have been in my position before may have discovered a better way to do things or help me learn from the mistakes!

My questions are:

Is there are better way of doing this? Is there a better design method, internet T1 or DSL?

Equipmnet - PIX 501,ASA 5500, VPN Concentrators, ISR router with advanded IOS (FW\\VPN), or Sonicwall?

All realistc recommedations are welcome!

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I have 2 PIX 501 firewalls i have VPN site-to-site and VPN servers I can not complain thave E1connection (office) and 45M/s (datacenter) I am happy all works fine (i have some problems with config - but only because i do not how to - i am not expert) apart of that - perfect I would recomen ASA if you can (pix 501 will be "soon" out of sale)


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