L2 Redundancy Protocols

Is there anything other than rapid-spanning tree and MIST (802.1s) to provide L2 redundancy between switches. I am looking at the following scenario: Two L3 switches with a gig link between them and then each having a link to a L2 switch, so in essence, a triangle. Then of course, I just replicate this design to other L2 switches in the same network.

Any suggestions are welcome.


S. Khan

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if you can put each switch in a separate subnet you can avoid needing layer

2 loops.

I am looking at the following

avoid passing layer 2 subnets for the user switches through the central L3 switch gig trunk and just use HSRP / VRRP for resilience.

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You could achieve the redundancy that you want with L3 Gateway redundacy protocols, like HSRP, VRRP or GLBP. One advantage with GLBP is that you can even use both link simulteneously, balancing the traffic between them.

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