Interesting problem with large file transfers

OK, I have a small network with 13 hosts and 4 servers configured as such; 4500m+ router connected to ISP on e0/0 and 3Com baseline switch on e0/1. 7 hosts connected to 3Com switch which also has a trunk line to a Cisco 2924xl-en switch with 6 hosts attached and 4 servers. The problem is, I attempt to transfer files over the internet to a remote site from any of the host connected to the 3Com switch, everything works fine but when I make an attempt to transfer files from the hosts connected to the Cisco 2924, the transfer will stop after a short period and will not resume. When this happens, any attempt to ping the default gateway is unsuccessful from the host connected to the

2924 but can still be pinged from the hosts connected to the 3Com. Once I physically remove the trunk line from the 3Com and wait a few seconds and reinstate the trunk I am able to resume the file transfers for a short period before it locks up again. Anybody have any ideas on this ?


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My first suspicion would be duplex mismatch.

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Walter Roberson

I agree.

The port may be ending up in the "err-disable" state.

Check the recent thread - "CCNA switching lab doesn't work - port violation shutdown"

Post interface error counters for relevant interface(s)

show int ! IOS Is 2924 IOS? I forget.

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Thanks, the 2924 is IOS based. Walter, you are absolutely correct. There was a mismatch between the

3com and the 2924. I thought about that after I posted this and sure enough. I still do not understand why the 2924 would not report this with debugging enabled. Thought for sure I would have seen that when I viewed the logs also.........

Any way, thanks for your help. I like simple problems and maybe need to think them through more before posting. :) wrote:

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