HSRP question

Supposing the following network exists...

1 HQ, 10 branch offices.

Hub and spoke topology so that each office is connected to HQ via a leased line serial link. The HQ Cisco router (HQ1) also has an interface ( on it that connects to the ISP's edge router ( Internet access for HQ and the branches is via this link, which is configured and advertised as a default network out to the internet as below

ip default-network

For fault tolerance, could HSRP be used in this situation where another router would exist that had all HQ1's routing table but was passive until HQ1 was no longer active? If the HQ router was to go down, then there would be no internet connectivity across the organisation nor would there be any connection between to the branches to HQ.

Will HSRP work here, or does it only work in stub networks?

Thanks in advance.

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