help required for configuration of pix 515 e

will u please explain , how can i send trafiic of two diffrent networks for example, then through my pix firewalls internal interface , your help is highly apreciated
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With appropriate 'route' statements? You will need an inside router to route the traffic -to-, though.

I am not sure that I understand your question. "through" could mean movement in either direction, so I am not sure whether and are "inside" or "outside" of your PIX?

Are you trying to have inside traffic be sent to your PIX inside interface, with your PIX inside interface then sending the traffic back inside to ? If so then with the PIX 515e you would need to use PIX 6.3 or later and use 802.1Q VLANs -- or with the PIX 515e you could use PIX 7.0 or later with one of the features that is new in 7.0 (but which, if I understand correctly, would require that at least one of the two networks be reached by a VPN.)

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