help: Packet over SONET sdh problem


I'm trying to configure a pos interface on sdh infrastructure. The VC12 container in a STM-1 are routed in the sdh network to the sublocations of our company, so the stm-1 schould split in about 20 serial interfaces.

My problem is: i cant find a way to set the KLM (timeslotvalues) on this interface or subinterface. to devide the interface.

Cisco 7204 with PA-POS-OC3SMI Cisco IOS 12.3 (12d)

any ideas ?

best regards


you have to remove the trash

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Wrong type of STM-1 card. You need the PA-MC-STM-1 card, which is significantly more expensive, to do this.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting,

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Steinar Haug

Thanks a lot,

this is realy a cute interface card .... but expensiv (grrrr)

i'm now checking the ericsson ethernet - STM-1 CrossConnect as an alternativ. but i think the cisco interface is the best solution for my problem


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