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Hi I tried to post this message on comp.protocols.dns.bind but it was rejected by the moderator.

I am managing 2 domains membersedgellc.com scholasticfundinggroup.com

I want to send all the mail addressed to scholasticfundinggroup.com to mail.membersedgellc.com

There is a catch here. The domain scholasticfundinggroup is registered with Godaddy and hosted by Teramedia. Godaddy would like me to create thse records

MX 10 smtp.secureserver.net MX 50 mailstore1.secureserver.net CNAME mail.scholasticfundinggroup.com (

However Teramedia wants to create an A record in the place of CNAME, is that ok?

Also I want to assign a MX record with 0 priority to intercept the mail addressed to scholasticfundinggroup.com as:

MX 0 mail.membersedgellc.com

If we can intercept the mail with the above MX record, then I can see the mail in my Outlook (Microsoft email reader) along with email addressed to membersedgellc.com. Is it ok?

I'd appreciate if you can help me out. Thanks

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The group for general DNS issues is comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domains.

Is Teramedia hosting the DNS, or just the web site? Who is hosting the DNS?

It's not clear what CNAME record you're being asked to create. A CNAME record is an alias that translates one name to another name, but you haven't shown the name being translated. I.e. the record should look something like:

somename CNAME mail.scholasticfundinggroup.com.

If they're talking about making the domain name itself be an alias, that's not allowed.

That's the normal way to get mail for the domain delivered to that server.

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Barry Margolin

That would be Teramedia.

Can we use IP address in the place of "somename"? If so, it would be

Many thanks for your reply.

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The above CNAME record means "Whenever someone looks up a record for 'somename', return the corresponding record from mail.scholarsicfundinggroup.com." What would it mean if somename were replaced with an address? Lookups (except for reverse DNS) start with names.

If you want to say what the address of mail.scholarsticfundinggroup.com is, you use an A record, not a CNAME record. Or if you want mail.scholasticfundinggroup.com to be an alias for some other server, you can use the following CNAME record:

mail.scholasticfundinggroup.com. CNAME mail.membersedgellc.com.

However, MX records are not supposed to point to aliases, they're required to point to the primary name, so there's not much need for this alias.

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Barry Margolin

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