Connection problem between the ports

Hi all

I don't have any Cisco devices but I tho that this problem might be similar to all ethernet switches.

I have a Planet FGSW-2620S 24-port gigabit ethernet switch. I haven't configured it at all (with anything), reseted it many times. After reseting it long time ago it worked quite well (except few randomly not working ports). I have 3 RJ45 cables (2 workstations, and 1 that goes to my router). I can't get even those work. See I think they have a connection for the first few seconds and then every connection gets disconnected. Weird. Sometimes some combination of ports works... but not for long. Is there anything I can do - can any1 give me a hint?

Thanks for reading my problem Saku

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Without logging in and verifying base config, there is nothing that anyone can suggest to magically solve this. It could be defaulting to gig/full, whereas most standards for gig is auto/auto on both sides. What are your workstations set to? You need to understand the config on both sides before you can effectively troubleshoot this, or perhaps the device has a log that you can check. Either way, troubleshooting blind will get you nowhere.

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