Configure route removal based on packet loss

Hi, I'm trying to configure the removal of an EIGRP route based on packet loss. From what I've read it seems as though I can configure this using SLAs, however I can't figure out how to do it.

Here's the setup, I have a router with 2 incoming links, one wireless and one is a T1: The router also has a static block of IPs on its FastE interface:

Serial0 (T1)--- x.x.x.x

Ethernet0 (Wireless)-- y.y.y.y

FastEthernet0 -- z.z.z.z

I need to remove the route through the wireless when the packet loss increases above a certain threshold. The both routes to z.z.z.z will be advertised through EIGRP.


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Not sure if this will do what you want or not, but policy based routing does offer some ability to add/remove routed based on reachability. You'd have to see if you can actually define 'reachability', since I think the default is to drop the route if you lose reachability at any given time (rather than some % of packet loss). I'm not up to speed on the SLA stuff, so please post if you find a working solution.

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