Concentrator 3005 AD Authentication Problems

Hi Have a Cisco Concentrator that currently authenticates uses against a Windows 2000 DC and everything works fine. I've recently install a Windows 2003 DC (for the same domain) and have pointed the Concentrator to use the new 2003 server for it's Kerberos authentication.

Now when users log on (using the Cisco VPN client) every time they enter in their user name and password box and click OK ... then the authentication box comes back again.

I've used the built in "test" facility on the concentrator to test the

2003 server and I receive the following error

"An error has occurred while attempting to perform the operation.

Authentication Rejected: Unspecified"

Performing the same test on the original 2000 server works fine.

Anyone have any ideas ?

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You may wish to investigate the online Cisco Security TAC Case Collection / Knowledge Base: Hope this helps,

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