Combined SPAN and RSPAN

Hello group,

Small question about SPAN/RSPAN here.

My set-up is composed of three switches : one core switch (a 3550) named core1 and two edge switches (2950) named edge1 and edge2. edge1 and edge2 are connected to core1, but not directly connected.

On edge1, I have server1, server2 and ids1. On edge2, I have server3.

ids1 should see all traffic from server1, server2 (easy part) and server3. So I need a specific RSPAN set-up. Reading the documentation doesn't help. All I have is the following set-up, which doesn't work :

! edge1 no monitor session 1 no monitor session 2 monitor session 1 source interface Fa0/9 , Fa0/11 monitor session 1 destination remote vlan 666 reflector-port Fa0/24 monitor session 2 source remote vlan 666 monitor session 2 destination interface Fa0/10

Any hint welcome ...

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