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Have two Internet connections, one cable, one dsl, terminated with provider-based modems into Ethernet links. I need a Cisco device to do failover on the two links, not necessarily load balancing, just failover...10 remote VPN clients, 50-100 internal users, firewall capabilities. Any suggestions? I'm looking at the 1841 ISR but don't know if it does failover or can do the dual Ethernet WAN links. It looks like it does. This is for an ambulance dispatch center, thus the redundant links. Any ideas/suggestions/anyone doing this well with a device now? Trying to trash the current Nortel device.


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You may wish to investigate the Cisco Solution Designer:

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Hope this helps.


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If you can get one of the ISPs to give you a rip default originate, then you can use a floating static route to failover to the other.

You probably won't need dual ethernet wan. A router with a single fast etherent interface will likely do the trick. Trunk it to a cisco 2950 or something and create a lan vlan and wan vlans.

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