Cisco 6513 to Cisco 3750G Vlans

Hi all, A very simple question here. I have a 6513 which has multi vLans running on it. I have just created a new vLan (12) which I am trying to connect to a Cisco 3750G. I have created a vlan on the 3750G (12) and given it an IP address of, on the 6513 vlan 12 has the IP address is the default gateway of the 3750G and I have turned on IP Routing. I can ping both IP's form any other Vlan on my network, but, if I place a workstation into another port on the 3750G on the same subnet (10.228.200.x/24)I cannot get to it! Just a note, I can get to both workstation and 6513 from the 3750G.

Helllllppppp. Jason

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Please ignore my last post...Both machines had Checpoint SecurClient installed :) Stop the client all is good. Jason

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