BGP Question !!

What is the purpose of having just the: address family ip4 command configured in BGP. What is the real world purpose of it? I know it is off by default but what do I gain from having it configured.

I am confused by Cisco's websites explanation of it that it enables routing session such as BGP to use standard IP version 4 address prefixes. What are standard IP version 4 address prefixes. I thought BGP by default routes IP 4

I am confused by this.

The router that I inherited configuration looks like this.

Router Bgp 208 address-family ip4

Thank You for any responses

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Address family command was introduced with Multiprotocol BGP (MBGP) to be able to support:

ipv4 unicast ipv4 multicast ipv4 vrf ipv6 unicast ipv6 multicast

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