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I have to connect from my homeoffice to office lan via gre tunnel. my company have put on another public router for incoming connection.

now, my is to configure my 827 for give a second gre tunnel with same ip private destination. All private ip office lan are reach via both public routers.

I try using a gre like this:

in tun0 ip unnum eth0 tunnel source my_public_ip tunnel dest company_public_ip

ip route tunn0

also I create a second tunnel gre with second ip route via tunnel1 but it seems not work, loss of 50% packet

in tun1 ip unnum eth0 tunnel source my_public_ip tunnel dest company_second_public_ip

ip route tunn1

My answer is: What's the correct configuration for using indistinctly both tunnel ?


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I really don't understand why you want to use both tunnels for the same subnet. The reason for having 2 tunnels pointing to the same subnet on the same router is just to have a backup in case of primary public interf failure on your A-end router, not for load balancing.

Again, it's not a good idea using both at the same time, asymetric routing isn't so good. Put an higher ad on the second one, so you can have a backup

ip route tun1 200 name backup_gre_tun


-- Ivo

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