ATTN: Design Engineers. Require 100 remote site VPN solution.

Hello Design Engineers,

I need some help coming up with a solution for a 100 remote worker site to site VPN.

Sure I could just statically connect them all to the hub site, but I was hoping for a more scaleable solution.

Is there any way I could have the remote site address ranges allocated by the Hub site? I.e. as they come online, the hub site allocates them a /27 address space?

Is NAT the only way to achieve this?

Thanks in advanced.

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Your Subject: implies that you have 100 remote sites. The above sentance implies that you have one remote site with ~100 hosts.

"Scaleable" isn't something one would normally consider if one is only doing something once.

That's sounding like you have multiple sites rather than one.

I suggest you search for Merv's recent mention in this group of DMVPN and another technology that I don't recall the name of.

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