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Would like confirmation if asa checks routing table before crypto maps. I have a pt-pt link between two sites that is terminating on asas and would like to have a backup internet tunnel terminating on the same asas. Is this possible?

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For outgoing traffic the ASA should check routing table before crypto maps.

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Your right , and it's important to understant it if you have tunnels on multi-interfaces PIX or ASA . If you apply a cryptomap on an interface you must make sure that the inside subnet of your VPN peer is routed on the interface your crypto is applied.

We rarelly think about it because we usually have a default route on the outside interface where the crypto is applied . But if you apply your crypto on a third interface , then you will need a route statement for the Peer ip address AND a route statement for the peer inside subnet.

route [tunnel interface] [Peer ip address] [gateway of your tunnel interface] route [tunnel interface] [Peer inside subnet] [whatever address from the tunnel interface]

Why [whatever address from the tunnel interface] ? Because once the packet is routed on the interface itself , it will trigger the crypto map . And the packet , once encrypted, uses the first route statement .

If you want to test this in lab , just plug two PIX outside interfaces togheter and build a VPN . Let say PIX1 have on the outside and PIX2

Since both peers IP are on the same subnet , you would think that you don't need any route. Error , the VPN will not work . Now add a route statement

route outside

And the VPN will work even if is unreachable .

I think the "route command" should allow to omit the gateway . It's not very logical to resolve a routing problem by adding a route pointing to a gateway that don't even exist.

I know that from 7.0 , there is now a "tunneled" parameters , but i haven't play with it yet and by reading the doc i am not sure it address this routing fuzziness....

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I'm running ospf over the pt-pt, so, my assumption is that if that goes down and the ospf route goes away, this traffic will take the default route via a tunnel

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I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. And you can easily test the tunnel without rerouting everything . You can just add a static route for PC1 to PC2 on your outside interface and it will have precedence over the ospf route.

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