Announcing to BGP an OSPF route from area 0

Hello folks,

I'm facing problem with BGP and OSPF that I'm unable to solve so I'm asking for your help.

There is a router R0 (AS65000) with eBGP neighbour within AS65001. I'm announcing network to AS65001 from R0. However R0 has attached to the Gi1/1 interface. This interface is in OSPF area 0. There are couple of other routers connected to this area, but they are not important - they handle couple of networks and annouce them into OSPF.

Currently to have a exact prefix match in routing table for BGP on R0, to have the route announced I put a static route on R0 for pointing towards Null0. However, when Gi1/1 interface goes down, the network is still announced to the AS65001 - that is obvious. I don't really want that. If the link fails I want R0 to stop announcing the route in BGP.

Is it possible to summarize all 10.... to and annouce in BGP? How can I accomplish that?

Thanks in advance!

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try aggregate summary-only

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presentation on the topic of BGP route aggregation

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