AAUI to Ethernet vs. AUI to Ethernet tranceiver?

Hi all, I have a question concerning trancievers with my cisco 25xx routers. In order for me to connect the ethernet ports to them I of course need tranceivers. My question is can I use some of the old style Mac cables vs. buying new little tranceivers.

see examples below.....

If you are unsure of what I am talking about look at links here: AAUI to Ethernet tranceiver:

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AUI to Ethernet tranceiver:
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Thanks in advance,

- Jay

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According to this web page, the AAUI has a different pinout and probably a different connector, so it would not work.

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www . hardwarebook.net/cable/network/aaui2aui . html

You should be able to find the little tranceivers cheaper than that.

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No, Mac is AAUI, which are tiny little things compared to AUI. Same idea, same execution, just a different connector. You'll spend way more than $10 to get some sort of adaptor (if one even exists) from AAUI to AUI that the Cisco has.

But, the 2nd link you posted to the AUI transceiver will work just fine. I've used those particular models way in the past.

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Doug McIntyre

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