Trunking between a 3550 and a 5000

I've setup a trunk between a Cat 5000 and a Cat 3550. The trunk negotiated as ISL and seems to be up fine. The 3550 is in server mode and the 5000 in client mode. I've verified that the 3550 has the higher revision number. The problem is the configured VLANs on the 3550 are never getting to the

5000. I can't seem to find any problem with the config. I'm sure it's something I'm overlooking. I've also verified the VTP domain name matches and neither has a password.

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Try assigning a port on the 5000 to one of the VLANs that isn't propagating, you are probably pruning it.


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Thanks Jonathan. Actually, pruning was disabled. I actually got it to work the second time around. I think the problem was that I had a PC with an old NIC card connected to the 3550. I think it had vlan 1 hosed up jabbering and may have caused the failure. This was done in a lab environment.

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