Taking 640-801 next week

I passed it after one weekend of hard study. I reckon if you really studied for a year the exam should be a piece of cake.

A good next-steps would be tak>Taking 640-801 next after almost a years study.

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Taking 640-801 next after almost a years study. Advice for the exam please !

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I took the test recently and failed. 750/1000. I spent too much time on one question and missed the last 8 questions. Planning to take it again in a week or two. Just remember that you can't go back to a question once you press next.

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James A

Wow - almost the exact same thing happened to me today. I simply ran out of time due to the "router/switch simulator multiply question" questions. It's real hard to keep track of time during those questions. By the time I was done with the second one, I realized I wasn't going to get through the other half of the test before time ran out. It really stinks that you can't mark those and come back to them at the end of the test. I'm pretty sure I would have passed, if I could have done that.

I don't do brain dumps (beside I failed, so why would you read the one I post), BUT I would take all the practice tests with router simulations as possible. Every concept mentioned for the exam topics has practical application (commands) on switches and routers.... ie. STP, VTP, OSFP that you have to know. I thought I knew STP, but when I got on a multi question simulator question - I realized I had focused way too much on the concepts and definitions and not nearly enough on how to do it on a switch or router -duh.

One thing I did do that I found helped me was before starting the test I jotted down about a quarter of a page of notes and reminders to myself for the exam. Personally, I put my subnet mask quick reference, and some of the more obscure definitions down. That really helped when I was running short on time to get some of the easier questions out of the way.

My last comment is this... I will be spending the next week working the simulators and test equipment, then retake this test. This is the only certification test I have ever failed. I'm impressed with the difficulty and can't wait to pass this one.

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