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I am studying CCNP BSCI and this is a question where I couldn't find an answer in my BSCI book. Basically, the OSPF totally stubby area is a Cisco specific implementation. If all routers in area 1 including ABR are Cisco routers, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Now what if the ABR is Cisco while some of the routers in area 1 are not cisco? Will the totally stubby area still work as it ment to be?


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Guan Foo Wah
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Not any more, Extreme switches can also do totally stubby areas:

configure ospf area stub nosummary

As can Juniper routers:

edit protocols ospf set area 1 stub no-summaries

Robert Smales

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Robert Smales

Also, the key point for certification exams, although all routers in a stub area have to be configured with the stub keyword, only the ABR needs to be configured with the no-summary keyword to make the area totally stubby.

So as long as your ABR is Cisco/Extreme/Junos-based, the rest of the routers in the totally stubby area merely have to be rfc-compliant (such as the ex-Unisphere Juniper ERX, which does not appear to support totally stubby areas)


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Robert Smales

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