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Hey all,

I was wondering what you folks are starting to see as a trend in the network engineering industry. We read the trade rags that go on about how techies are a dying breed, business is king, etc. While I agree that "aligning" tech with the business is the reason for what we do, has anyone seen this as a reality at their company? I, for one, have not really seen this. It seems that good technical people are still needed more than ever. I have yet to see the network engineering industry mature to the point of techies being a commodity as claimed by the likes of Gartner.

Not looking for flames or long responses...just curious what my other peers are seeing in their day-to-day worlds. Thanks!

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Hi there friend,

Networks march forward due to the effort of their techies, We are the most valuable asset any company could have. After all without the techies then the business would be local area :)

I have noticed a trend towrds techies becoming consultants/sales people, i have done this several times myself, but hey it lets me get my boiler suit off for a day and i get to eat some eal sandwiches :)

As long as there are tecnological advances then there will be techies to implement them

Anyway have a fab day.

Regards Andrew

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