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Is it feasible to configure all of our WAN sites (roughly 50) as OSPF stub areas? In this configuration, the stubs do not need to communicate with each other. We basically have 50 sites that connect back to a single corporate core.

I worry that too many stubs may prove to be a configuration and troubleshooting nightmare. Alternatively, I worry that having some 150 routers in the same area may cause performance issues.

Thanks for the help, John

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It is certainly feasible to do that. In fact, you could look into also making them totally stubby to further optimize OSPF deployment in your network.

The incremental configuration needed to make the WAN sites OSPF stubs compared to having them as normal areas is minimal and so that shouldn't really be too much of a concern. As for debugging and troubleshooting, imo things will be easier with stub networks because the routing tables on the routers in the stub areas will be very small and the processing load on the routers will also be minimized.

BTW 150 routers in one area very likely exceeds Cisco's recommendation for the maximum number of routers in an area (which is 50-100, I think).

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