DSL router that sapports static and dynamic ip addressing

We are looking at buy a DSL router that will dynamically assign IP address to the client PC but also allows a static IP address for the server. We are looking at Linksys BEFSX41 and Linksys Rt41-BU routers. Does anyone know if ether of these router will have the fetchers I need?


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Alan S
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Pretty much all consumer switch/router boxes have a DHCP server that will allow you to assign a static IP for a particular internal host. You just need the MAC address of that host, and the IP you want to always assign to it.

Steve Griffin

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by 'home router' I mean the linksys thing like you refer to. one of those routers with dhcp server and nat. I don't mean 'router at home'. I mean, those cheap routers that people tend to have at home. (note- i don't know anything else ;-) )

The IP address of the server will be as fixed as the IP addresses of all the PCs. Anything plugged into that 'home router' on that side of the router, has fixed IP addresses.

The router's IP will be dynamically assigned by the ISP and may not be static.(Make sure your ISP gives you a static one) Anybody outside will connect to the router through the router's IP.

The IPs assigned by your 'home router' to connected computers are only used internally. Externally, those comps aren't even addressed.

If you have an ISP that gives you a static IP, then your 'home router' can use that one. And you set up port forwarding so your server , so effectively, it's as if your server has a static ip.

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