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Can someone recommends me books for preparing 642-577 WLANSE and 642-582 WLANFE exams?

Best Regards, Igor

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Igor Mamuzic
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When I did these last year, I didn't turn up anything really helpful. However any book that covers the 802.11 standards and some basic radio theory will help.

Look around for the Knowledgenet course guides, even for the previous versions, for AWLF (or something similar) and CAWSS.

The real information for these is on the Cisco website. Forget the Wireless IOS guides, everything tested is via GUI. Look at all the products - Access points, cards, antennas, bridges, software. Look for EAP and all its variants. Read everything you can find on TAC.

The SE exam was pretty straightforward, and I'd advise doing that first. The FE one I found harder because you need to remember where stuff is in the GUI, and I'm no good at that sort of stuff.

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thanks for advice...

B.R. Igor

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Igor Mamuzic

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