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I would like to connect a PC to my network with IP address By AND-ing 54 with 224 the subnet IP is and the host IP range is to Technically, I could assign to my PC the address , because 54 lives on the IP host range (33-62) of the subnet. However, is the IP address of the network. Isn't there a conflict of IP addresses?

What did I do/understand wrong, please?

Thanks in advance for your help!

new guy :)

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new guy
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DHCP "assign" IP address at any host but you can modify the rules to obtain the same address ;)

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What do you mean by , "... is the IP address of the network" ? Are you saying is assigned to a host/interface on your network already? For network, is the subnet address as you stated the broadcast address is so valid host addresses are of course from .33 to .62 as you have stated. is a valid host address for network The next subnet would be host addresses of .65 to .94. So again, What do you mean by , "... is the IP address of the network" ?

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