access lists on a Layer 2 switch

For those that were not aware,

ACL's on Layer 2 Switches


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Interesting. Something you can do on 2950 series that wasn't available on

29xx-xl series. Looks like they had to strip it down quite a bit to make it fit in the ASICs, but still promising. And of course, only available in the enhanced-image version of the switch. I would presume that the fancier ASICs required for this are part of the reason that 2950 series is hard-locked to either standard or enhanced image.

Other than that, anybody know of good reasons to switch from 29xx-xl-en to the much more expensive 2950? I see all the study guides & test-related material only reference the 2950 series (and 1900--why??), yet there are still tons of

29xx-xl series equipment out there in the real world.
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