Two T1s on one Cat5?

Our T1s terminate in smartjacks at a POP in a mechanical equipment room about 40m as the cable runs from our computer room. From the POP I have customer-owned Cat5 running to a jack by the routers. Normally I cable using straight through Cat5 jumpers from the smartjack to the inside wire to the jack to the router.

I am temporarily short one customer-owned cable. Rather than bring the cabling guy back, which is a pain due to building owner issues, can I split one of the Cat5 cables into two T1 runs? If so, what would the pinouts be? My general understanding is that T1s are actually quite insensitive to the cable (which in looking at one of the older telco-extended circuits seems to be the case) particularly when plugged in to modern CSUs.



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You are welcome to use this pinout:

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If you do not split the wires in twisted pairs in the CAT5E, you should be fine even beyond 500 ft but you don't even need to go that far as far as I understood from your message, so you should be fine.

Good luck!

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Thanks. That is about what I had concluded from studying the T1 wiring spec, but your diagram is very clear and usable.


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