Cabling "classifieds" site?

I closed down my cabling biz a couple years ago and sold off a lot of my specialty tools/test equipment, but still have a few things left. (Cable reel stands, fiber termination kits/connectors/microscopes, lots of copper and fiber optic cable etc..)

Is there a web-site specifically for folks looking for tools/test equipment? Kind of a C7's classifieds site? E-bay isn't working out too well and I know for-sale posts are a no-no here.


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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego
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Craig's List?

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Try the Sundance BBS...

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Bob Vaughan

It isn't really my choice, but I don't mind. Well, in any case, now if anyone is interested they know where to find you.

I do complain if I see people trying to sell worthless junk for high prices, which happens way too often.

I do agree you probably won't get a reasonable price in ebay.

-- glen

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glen herrmannsfeldt

Me too. Everything I have to sell is at least a 9 out of 10 in condition and some of it is new, never used stuff.

Define "reasonable". :) I've already taken what money I've made from the biz and invested in other things so taking a small beating on this stuff isn't a huge deal to me. I'd just like to get it out of my garage/shop and let someone actually use it. I'm just not getting any hits on E-bay so was hoping to find a contractor's specific site..

I'll keep trying..

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

Will do, thanks!

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