Updating Motorola SBG 900 to support DOCSIS 2.0

Can anyone in this group provides me with a pointer regarding how to upgrade SBG 900 cable modem to support DOCSIS 2.0?

I have received conflicting information on this:

  1. Literatures from Moto's website stated that the modem supports and/or upgradable to DOCSIS 2.0.
  2. Cablevision (my cable provider) asserted that I could upgrade it
  3. Moto's tech support staff directed me back to Cablevision.

Did anyone have any experience on this issue?

Thanks for information, and best regards,

John Zhu Bridgewater NJ

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John Zhu
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Your provider will be the ones who push the upgrade to your modem when the time comes and they are ready to make the switch. This is not normally something that you do on your own.



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