Unrecoverable errors + slight packet loss and ping spike

In docsdiag I am seeing unrecoverable errors and I get very slight packetloss as well as ping spikes up to 300ms with the new splitter I put in. With the old splitter, instead of 300ms ping spikes, the packets will just drop out. The newer splitter was a viewsonics with better return path. Older splitter was an Aska that was installed.

RCN is responsible for inbuilding wiring which I had to drag out of them to find out for my building.

All signal levels are in range. I had a PCX 2200 beforehand which was swapped with a PCX 2500 which does better on docsis ping and cable flap tests at a speed cut and I still get the issues I described such as unrecoverable errors, ping spike and very slight packetloss.

The wiring was installed in the 1990s by RCN. However they are bankrupt and for them to even admit there was a problem I had to fight with them.

I am in a building built in 1950. There are 2 boxes for wiring. Is it likely the initial wiring is the older Coax standard so that I would likely have worse problems than I am having now?

The older set is the incumbent cable company and the 2nd set is for RCN the newer bankrupt company. I assume that the incumbents wiring is owned and maintaned by the building itself? The 2nd set, RCN's wiring is maintained by them, HOWEVER I had to put pressure on them to even get them to do anything.

Any idea what you think the issue sounds like since RCN keeps plugging this silver box with a coax line sticking out into the wall box and tells me they find nothing wrong because all signal levels are fine.

If anyone has a clue what could cause this sort of problem in building wiring, let me know and I will call RCN back and have it fixed since they are responsible.

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