Cable modem recommendation for RCN San Francisco?

Next week I'm moving into a downtown San Francisco apartment building that's wired for RCN. I have ordered the new Mach 7 service, which claims up to 7000Kbps downloads and 800Kbps uploads.

I'll believe it when I see it, but it occurs to me that should such speeds prove real, choosing a particular make and model cable modem to buy (as I'm considering in order to save the $5 rental fee) may be important in a way that isn't so for the more common 1500Kbps or

3000Kbps speeds that I had through Comcast in the Peninsula.

RCN provides a list of compatible modems (), and oddly recommends () the discontinued Toshiba PXC2200 and 2500. Should I go to the extra trouble of tracking one of these down, or can I just buy a Motorola SB5100 or some other model on the approved list and expect to see the maximum possible performance?

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Yeechang Lee
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I am not a network engineer, or anything comparable, but when I worked at RCN, teching cable modem service, we had very good luck with the Toshiba's, and poorer luck with the Surfboards, RCA's, and 3Coms. If you get the Linksys, I believe version 3 has some additional zip, or substantive improvement over ver. 2.

Make sure you read RCN's listings carefully, as Chicago is different than all our other cities as far as network, wiring, services and what may work elsewhere may not work there, or vice versa (they note this in the list of compatible modems). If RCN recommends the Toshiba's, and you can find one cheaper on the net, if you should have a problem, when you do call in, you will be able to say "Hey, I bought the one you recommended, so stand by your recommendation and help me!" or some such exhortation. Any modem should have specs to indicate capabilities for max speeds etc. My impression is that whenever RCN offered the speedier connections, they have been true to their word. Initially they went to a 3000Kbps on a trial basis in a few markets over two years ago, after that proved popular and successful they went to the 5000Kbps option and now I guess the the

7000Kbps. You could always call in to RCN tech support, tell them you are moving into an RCN building, and want to buy your own modem, and ask what has been working the best there (SF).. If you repeat this a few times, you should get some useful info. Good luck.



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Dr. Cajones

I suggest Linksys or Motorola.


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