On my home computer I have Time Warner Cable modem. For the past 6-8 months it has been slow as hell - a dialup connection would be faster.

The weird thing is when I use my laptop with my wireless router it is not so slow - no bad at all.

I called Time Warner & spent time on tech support & after numerous tests they said everything shows fine.

I installed new virus software & cleaned up the PC & still no better.

Anyone have any ideas?

Should I just replace the PC? It is a Pentium 4 maybe 2 years old.

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Router type/model ?

Are you wired to the router or wireless from the PC ?

What results do you get from a speed test ?

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What do your neighbors report for TWC speed ?

Have you borrowed a computer and tried it on your LAN ?

Have you powered everything off and brought them back up one by one ? Modem/router/PC.

Have you tried connecting PC direct to modem bypassing the router ?

Have you surfed a broadband troubleshooting site ?

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Than it's not a Time Warner issue.


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Compare the two machines for us, the laptop is x ghz with y meg of ram while the desktop is w ghz and has z meg of ram, etc. Also which machine do you use most of the time?

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