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I have time warner (TW) broadband. TW use RCA cable modem. My friend gave me a linksys cable modem which he bought when he had COX. I tried to swap it in place of the RCA modem to see if it works. The internet does not work. Why? If put back the RCA modem, everything works again.

Should it work like the 56k dial-up modem? You can swap any 56k modem in your pc and it should still dial out. Your answer would be appreciate. Thanks!

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John Smith
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No, it doesn't work like a dial up modem. Each modem has to be "provisioned" by the ISP. Assuming the modem can work on your cable system, you'd have to call the support line, to get configured for the new modem.

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James Knott

Any modem needs to be authorized by your ISP. Call them with the modem's info, including the MAC address. Once they authorize the 'new' modem, the old one will be de-authorized.

(FWIW, once upon a time I did this with Comcast. The 'old' modem remained authorized for months giving me two Internet connections. It was nice while it lasted.)

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