seting up ooma with a motorola sbg6580 cable modem

I am using the Motorola SBG6580 modem/router with the default IP address which is, my Ooma Telo only completes the boot up when I disable the firewall. If I leave the Motorola firewall on low, medium or high protection it will never complete the boot up and the Ooma flower will just keep blinking for days. Do I need to do something to the router fire wall to allow Ooma to pass thru? Thank you for any ideas you have about this problem.

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I don't have an Ooma device [yet] but I'm interested in it.

Given your question is regarding the Ooma VoIP device, the best and most knowledgeable venue to re-post your question would be the comp.dcom.telecom group. Note that's been a moderated group since

1981 so it may be a day or so before your re-posting would appear in the group.

It would be extremely useful to also mention the following URL in your re-post so that those unfamiliar with the SBG6580 can see its capabilities:

formatting link

Also, if your computer is a Windows system and connected to the SBG6580 via USB, mention that since most people will assume a UNIX, Linux or Mac computer connection via Ethernet per page 4 of the SBG6580 User Guide just in case it makes a difference.


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