RCA ethernet port periodically dies

RCA wouldn't be my first choice (or second or third). :)

That's strange, I can reboot my modem with no additional config needed for my Netgear router. And why a lengthy process ? Doesn't sound like a proper setup to me.

Not sure, but get a Motorola SB5100 if you can.

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Hi, not sure if anyone else has this problem;

I am using a RCA cable modem model DCM425 (COMCAST

connection)connected to a LinkSys Wireless-B 2.4 Ghz router

supporting 2 computers.

Periodically, in ~1 week the modem's internet connectivity will die.

I know the modem is still receiving full signal since the USB port

still works at full capacity. It is only after I reset the modem

that the ethernet port regains internet connectivity. Resetting the

modem is easy enough but every time the modem is reset the router

also has to be reset through a relatively lengthy process.

I'm just wondering why the modem dies and whether it is a hardware or

sofware problem


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If you have to jump through hoops to restore the router, then this is a router problem, not a modem problem. Something is not set up correctly in the router and it is not renewing its lease properly. The router should be set to use DHCP to automatically acquire a lease. When it is set up properly, simply power cycling the modem should allow the router to renew a lease automatically if the router is configured properly. You access the router web interface via for Linksys. DHCP should be enabled in the setup page.

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