Optimum Online Very Slow With Newsgroup DL's but Fast on Web DL's

Can anyone shed some light on this? I Downloead all the time from newsgroups using opt onlone but my download rates are always slow as molassas, and very erretic. i use DU-Meter to chart the DL's and occasionally i get 70Kb per sec at best. Avarage 20kB t0 30 kB per sec.

Yet if i Download from a web site i can usually expect to see

500 to 700Kb Downloads.

Using the SB4100. I honestly cant see why changing the Modem would help, but i will if you folks definatly think it would.

Any thoughts??

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OOL's newsservers are a mess. They just took them down this weekend for an upgrade (ie.pronounced downgrade). They've lost entire group hierarchies and they reset message numbers (made for quite a mess of resetting all of my seen message counters). They do this periodical- ly too.

I've tried and tried and tried to get through to support but the OOL front line of room-temperature endowed support dweebs insist that I can't access certain groups because I don't use Micro$haft Outhouse!

I do not know if any OOL techs actually read this group but if they do, I'd appreciate an email so this issue might get resolved.

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Best bet would be to get a third party news provider. Most ISPs either out-source to third parties with lower tier services, or if they run their own news servers, they don't put too much effort into making them run well.

I have TWC, and their servers are extremely fast, but useless, as they have about 1/2 days worth of retention, which is mostly incomplete.

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Oh, so OOL's newsgroups haven't improved in the year since I moved out of their service area? They got so bad toward the end that I started using news.individual.net instead (free, requires registration, no binaries). Now that Charter has changed newsgroup providers and downgraded its service, I'm toying with the idea of relying on news.individual.net again.

(Strangely enough, I can still get messages from my OOL mailboxes, even though I can no longer send from OOL.)


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