Motorola Surfboard SBV222????

I have this as my cable modem/router. It also has the jacks for my phone (voip) and a couple extra ethernet ports.

My question is do I hook up a wifi router to it?? Just plug anykind into it? Prior to this I had a Linksys Wifi router (with Vonage voip on it) but it was hooked up to a cable modem?


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On 02/10/2009 12:25 PM, orv sent:

Hello orv:

It almost reads as if you have a Motorola SBV5222 eMTA. Would you please closely recheck the model number and reply?

If so, I believe the SBV5222 only has one Ethernet connector (RJ45-8) on the rear.

Please see if the URL below shows what you have:

Also, perhaps an exact model number of your Linksys product would be helpful.


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