Motorola SB5100 Transformer Specs?

I have an SB5100 that I'd like to give to a friend to use to avoid the $10/month rental fee his ISP is charging. Unfortunately, the last person to whom I lent this modem lost the transformer. I'm looking for a replacement, but don't even know the specs on the unit except for the voltage rating (12 V).

I'd appreciate anyone out there in possession of this equipment sending me the specs off the back of the transformer. Also, if anyone knows of a reliable source for a replacement transformer for the SB5100 I'd greatly appreciate them sharing it with me.

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ITE Power Supply Model # T481208003CT Input 110-120VAC 180mA Output 12.0VDC 750mA

Center conductor (pin) positive.

Radio Shack doesn't stock a connector that is the right size for it, but some of the cheapo battery eliminators have one built in.

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check the link for ebay about 10 dollars

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