Line Noise

I have a cable connection. I have started losing it during the day. I had

>a tech out and he said it is line > >noise outside our house. I have been waiting for them to fix but it's been > >a week and a half and still no solution. > >Is their any way I can fix this myself? From what I have > >read it looks like I need a filter. > > It's not something you should consider doing. They need to fix it. You > might get some additional attention if you find that the noise is > affecting your TV reception, even on a single channel. > > -- > Bill

Thanks I will check all channels. My server is charter cable. I don't have a lot of faith in them right now. This has went on for almost 4 weeks. Their standard answer is that they will give me credit for the down time. When I start talking about them getting a line person out to actually fix the problem they say that is not in their department. It doesn't seem to be in anybody's department.

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I bet if you tell them you are going to file a grievance with the agency in your city that handles the cable company regulation that'd get it to the right person's department.

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