DOCSIS QoS and Current Cable Modem Services

Can anyone tell me if the current cable service offerings incorporate any data rate contract (i.e. SLA)? In the "old" days a few years back, there used to be a draw back in using cable in terms of bandwidth sharing; your rate is NOT guaranteed. But I thought DOCSIS 1.1 introduced QoS that allows ISP to have service contract that changes this.

If not now, anyone knows if this'd be coming anytime soon?

Thanks, Raymond

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Raymond Yeung
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Hey it may allow them, but since there is no requirement, why create a SLA to allow the customer to hit you over the head with it.

Your cable SLA is the Terms Of Service (TOS).

Read it, probably even will indicate you cannot sue the cable provider.

Lawyers need to wise up, their jobs are not being outsourced, there being eliminated. They need to pass a law where forced arbitration is illegal.

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Bit Twister

Hi, actually I'm not thinking about it in legal terms. I'm trying to contrast the cable services with DSL services. You may want to offer a contract if you can charge various rates to your customers. If you want higher rates, you pay more. The issue, however, is how you can guarantee your customers that their data rates would have any guarantee. That's when DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 come into the picture.

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Raymond Yeung (Raymond Yeung) wrote in news:


It's definitely possible to do SLAs with DOCSIS v1.1. There are service flows which break down to packet classifiers, etc. You can basically use a scheduler in the CMTS to allocate certain timeslots to prioritize certain services such as video, http, smtp or basically anything that you can break down to a port/application mapping. As for anyone doing it in the industry right now, I can't quite tell you. Most plants are still

1.0 only so 1.1/2.0 SLA has it's limitations until the plants are filled with 1.1 provisioned devices.


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