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I apologize if this has been discussed before, I looked through the archives and didn't find anything that answered my question. If there is a better group for this, please let me know.

I am having problems with what I think should be simple. I set up two security camera's covering my front property.

The setup:

I have two B/W Surveillance cameras (Radio Shack 49-2515), which output component (RCA) video.

The video is fed to two external USB video-capture devices connected to the computer. I am using a PC as a server so I can just burn any relevant happenings off to a CD.

The problem(s):

I have not come up been able to come up with a configuration which will allow us to capture both video streams + audio simultaneously.

I currently have 3 USB video capture devices:

(2) InstantVideo MPX devices

formatting link

1 DVS Video capture device
formatting link

The DVS Video device has horrible picture quality. It is very pixelly.

The InstantVideo devices have excellent picture quality, but won't capture two video streams at the same time if audio is enabled. They work fine w/o audio, but once audio is enabled on even one device, neither device produces video. (but you can get video+audio when using only one source)

Currently my options are: Use both InstantVideo capture devices, resulting in two clear video signals with no audio or Use one InstantVideo and one DVS Video capture device, resulting in one clear signal, and one fuzzy one, with two audio streams.

Does anyone have any recommendations? (software? hardware? something that actually works?)

Thanks in advance


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