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Just bought HAL2000 and need to know why on earth I have to buy an Ocelot or a homeseer etc to be able to learn and control IR devices!

When HAL is running on a PC in the first place, it seems bizarre that they don't seem to provide an interface for e.g. a USB IR device like the Media Centre 2005 IR unit which has IR in and out.

Has anyone any ideas of how I can use HAL for IR control WITHOUT buying another expensive piece of h/ware?


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You could use a product like ours

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It is a full featured automation package, and you can use inexpensive devices like the USB-UIRT for blasting and receiving, or the IRMan if you just want receiving. It might be more than you really need, since it is a full featured system, but if you start with something that can do more than you need, you won't have to throw away a smaller solution and start over as your needs grow.

------------------------------------- Dean Roddey Chairman/CTO, Charmed Quark Systems

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Dean Roddey

Why don't they provide a Zwave device or an X10 device? There's too many different types of hardware to provide you with a controller for all of them. Buying the peripherals is up to you. FYI, "a homeseer" isn't an IR learner, it's software. ~Tyson

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