IR remote control to RF


I found the article about converting an IR remote control to RF so that you could control your sterio/etc from anywhere in your house and thought I'd look into it.

I found a "kit" here:

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I'm not a hardware kind of guy though, and thought that it would include instructions and _all_ that I need (ha ha).

Schematic: yes; instructions for a guy like me(?): no.

So, now I'm left with a Linx long-range hand-held RF transmitter (that I was hoping to use to send RF signals to be converted to IR), and a couple devices that look like chips: a TXM-433-LC and RXM-433-LC plus two other chips that say: 10F200 I/P (something in a circle) 20S 0534.

I'd like to be able to get the signals from the Linx long-range hand-held RF transmitter to be converted to IR for a receiver that I'm getting that will hook into my PC...

Anyone build something like this that could possibly point me to a better site and/or give some help?

Thanks, Glenn

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