NEWS: Android Mobile Web Market Share Steadily Rising

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The August Statistics from the Quancast show that Apple has saved itself
for the time being but Mobile web use of iOS devices (excluding iPad)
dropped significantly remaining at 56 percent. While RIM and "other"
devices dropped down to 9 percent and 10 percent respectively. Android
is the only progressive mobile operating service to jump up 2 percent to
reach 25 percent, its best achievement since November 2009.

The yearly view reveals that Android has now gain 18.6 percent in web
consumption sharemaking Apple's iOS device suffer a decline (down 11.4
percent). RIM was able to maintain consistency and lost only 1.6 percent
of its web market share in same span of time.

Quancast is expected to reveal the August web consumption details next
week. However last month's statistics show that Apple iPhone topped the
chart with 36 percent. But the company's iPod line of devices was down
to 20 percent. HTC an Android vendor for the first time appeared on the
chart with 11 percent of total smartphone web consumption and Motorola
was at 10 percent.

Over the past year Motorola has grown more than any other smartphone
manufacturer. Apple iPhone and iPod have given up 7 percent and 3.4
percent of their mobile web share respectively, while Motorola and HTC
are topping the yearly growth of 10 percent and 3.9 percent


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