NEWS: Microsoft faces Android juggernaut

A killer Microsoft smartphone may always be out of reach. And Microsoft should understand this better than anyone.


Put simply, the Motorola Droid X is a perfect symbol of what Microsoft can't do--build an attractive high-end smartphone that runs Android.

That doesn't mean Microsoft is in its death throes: laptops and servers will be popular for a long time. But it does mean the company may face a future where it's not the big player in one of the most innovative and exciting personal computing categories for many years to come.


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John Navas
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"HTC HD2 Gets Android, Ubuntu Options"

HTC's last major Windows Mobile 6.5 based phone is the mighty HD2 which boasts of great specs and hardware firepower. If you always thought the OS on the stock phone (Windows Mobile) was just not enough to squeeze the max out of the hardware, it's time you head towards the XDA

-Developers forum where highly smart folks have managed to port Ubuntu and Android for the handset.

That's right. The HTC HD2 can now run Android as well as Ubuntu with the official XDA Developers blog confirming that early builds of the OSes are working fine on HD2s.


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