SSG-5 VPN Status Display in WUI

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I'm working on a site-to-site VPN with an SSG-5 (for the first time with
this product line).  I have a VPN set up with an RV042.  The RV042 says the
VPN is "connected".
I'm wondering how the SSG-5 reports the same kind of status?

On the Home page the Interface link status doesn't show the VPN or the
Clicking on More shows tunnel.1 as "down" - which is the only tunnel that's
set up.

On the "most recent alarms" the one VPN is showing up for 90 seconds then
down for 30 seconds - repeatedly.  The Linksys remains "connected" when the
alarm on the SSG-5 reports "down".

Thus, I'm confused by the apparent conflict in displays.

Any suggestions, hints appreciated.


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