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There used to be HUNDREDS of reflectors.

What happened to everyone??

Did they all move on and get lives??

FILMON.COM has free videoconferencing

Any old cu'ers out there?

Pop in

say hi

luv a lurker

Re: EX cuseeme users
On Feb 1, 11:16 pm, notgoingto...@spam.com wrote:
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hey ,

well ,i am a cuseeme user from the first hour, i bought my first BW
Quickcam 1994
and from that time on i was online on several reflectors.
It was amazing that multiconferencing worked even on a 33 MHZ Quadra
with a 14.4kb Modem and dialup in these days and i thought "cuseeme "
would be  " the next big thing"
A "reflector " is a little free programm that could run on any
webserver and people
could connect from everywhere.

In the middle of the 90th the internet became more and more popular
and the ability
to connect more then one computer with one connection to the internet
the need of a separate ip adress for every machine , brought us evil

NAT was the first cuseeme killer because Network Adress Translation
was not implementet into the free cornell reflectors version and after
cuseeme was sold to whitepine. They did not
release the sources and developed a "meeting point server"  with H323
and NAT support
for 12.000 dollars <http://www.lettv.de/dundee4.pdf

The rights on "cuseeme" were sold several times from cornell to
from white pine to first virtual communication and from FVC to

So it ended up in expensive propietairy microsoft only software used
for wargames :-(

After some research, i found "Pmref a cuseeme compactible "clone"
that works on any machine , behind NAT and even a dynamic ip. It has
ipv6 support aswell.


there is a new free PC compactible client aswell


for mac osx users we have vchat  <http://vchat.cu-seeme.org /

The problem was since "ILS" Internet location servers gone offline
and streaks and his "reflectors scanner"  was sued ,
there were no ability to find other users because cuseeme
was decentral and it died slowly.

I found a new technologie that could make it possible, that other
could find each other but noone on this planet give away the client
sources , maybe they are afraid to get sued like "streak" in the end
of 90th.

So my idea is to improve the old client / server and implement
to it.

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Well one of the last adult reflectors shot down in 2006 and people
are gone to other plattforms.

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no really , but thats what most people say ;-)

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is that a reflector adress ?

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well, you could do so......

cheers  cu @ stattfernsehen.com


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