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If you are looking for great quality inexpensive Video Conferencing =
Solutions look no further.=20


Our Flagship product, Camtrek, is 5 way video conferencing with =
application sharing and up to 32 frames a second in real time and =
utilizes a new Emulated Multicast Technology to deliver near perfect, =
real-time full duplex audio and video to your desktop, and full screen =
video sessions. All you need is a high speed internet connection (DSL or =
Cable) Windows XP, a webcam, and a headset with a microphone. Check out =
all the features of Camtrek on our products website. = and did I mention inexpensive, try $24.95 per =
user per month and you get a 7 day free trial.


If you need an e-learning product, please take a look at our product =
PlaceCam, as Camtrek has set the new standard in perfect audio and =
video, PlaceCam has set the standard for 10 way video conferencing, with =
up to 100 participants in an e-learning group at a time, fast =
application sharing, private text messaging, and file sharing. Did I =
mention this one is inexpensive also, Participants costs as little as =
$24.95 per month, Moderators start from $34.95 per month. Check out our =
PlaceCam website for more details and purchase information along with =
your 7 day free trial.


Finally, do you want to make money selling our products, do you want to =
add our products to your existing product line, do you want to add value =
to your existing products and make money. All you have to do is become =
one of our resellers; it's easy, fill out our reseller form on our =
reseller website and start selling the products tomorrow. And the best =
part is that once you sell a product the residual commissions on that =
sale arrive every month, they never stop as long as the client is a =
member of PlaceCam or Camtrek. Go to this website and check it out. =



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